SXSW: Design & Equity: Methods for Community Co-Design
1:30 PM13:30

SXSW: Design & Equity: Methods for Community Co-Design

Through an interactive design challenge, participants will practice a number of tools developed to build equitable partnerships between designers and the communities they work with. The tools explore how to approach a community, build relational trust, recruit co-designers, negotiate power and launch a project. After the challenge, participants will begin planning how to apply these tools to projects they are currently working on.

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D3 Innovation Think Tank
to Dec 10

D3 Innovation Think Tank

As the number of unsheltered residents rapidly rises, local government and non-profit housing resources are unable to keep pace with community needs. Unpermitted campsites pose health and safety risks to campers and housed residents and often violate ADA access requirements.

Inspired by design thinking outcomes, the D3 Innovation Think Tank invites participants of all backgrounds, perspectives and skills to come together to talk about:

  • Are there better ways to use local government and private sector resources to reduce harms experienced by people in encampments?
  • Can we simultaneously permit camps and promote quality of life in neighborhoods and commercial corridors?
  • Is there a way for local government to regulate permitted areas for camping and parking?
  • What can be done to ensure safety for campers? To address crime and violence in camp communities? 
  • Is there a way to keep camps free of predators and human trafficking?
  • Is there a way for the community and government to work together to better provide mental health and addiction interventions for unsheltered residents?
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SF Design Week: Design Thinking for Social Justice
6:00 PM18:00

SF Design Week: Design Thinking for Social Justice

We at Reflex Design Collective believe in revealing the political in design practice. In a world where oppressive structures keep communities from reaching the social, cultural, economic, and holistic lives they aim to engage in, we present to SF Design Week community a design thinking space which addresses issues of social justice. We welcome designers, activists, business folk, community leaders, the marginalized, and the allies of all types to address the collective wicked problems.

We intend upon developing spaces of reflection, narrative building, brainstorming, prototyping, and testing towards addressing issues that are technological political, social, and otherwise complex. We introduce our main theory: that these problems live in political spaces, and as a result, we as designers must append political thought to current design practice (understanding our biases, learning the history behind complex issues, and democratizing the practice of design) when addressing these problems. We take our participants through our designed innovation journeys, through methods such as:

Personal Accountability: How does your experience influence what you see? What might you suggest? How do they blind your experience?

Finding Your Story's Roots: What complex issues do you bring to the design community? What are the roots? What are the impacts of the story on your and others?

Democratization: To address your issue, who else should be in the room? Who has power? Who will be most influenced?

Ideation: What ideas can be considered, and reflected?

Reflection: How can we make this sustainable after this workshop? What can we change?

During this workshop, we focus upon the topic of environmental racism in the Bay Area to frame our discussion and methods. We welcome community members to bring your personal Bay Area stories, so we can develop interactive spaces which address the issues you deem important.

We aim for three central outcomes from this workshop:
1. to provoke participants' interest in design's capacity to address politically salient issues of our day,
2. to introduce people to methods they can use to address those issues, and

3. to develop tangible prototypes which could, in the future, address these wicked problems.

We invite you to journey with us and become part of our Reflex Design Collective.

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