Innovation on the ground


We use collaborative design methods to help mission-driven organizations and grassroots communities co-create projects that improve social equity. By putting technical experts and experts with lived experience on the same team as peers, solutions come from transformed relationships between institutions and the communities they serve.




How We Do It:

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Workshop Facilitation

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Service Design

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Community Outreach

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Design Research

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Strategic Advising


Case Studies

Learn more about what this looks like:

Case Study 1: Community Driven Co-Creation

Community Driven Solutions to Homelessness Encampments in Oakland District 3

Case Study 2: Organizational Capacity Building 

Aligning Organizational Capacities within the East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC)

Case Study 3: Healing

Healing Through Creativity and Fellowship at Empowering Woman of Color Conference




“They’ve shown me that their methods can bring together the most marginalized residents – our unhoused neighbors – to be part of a process of community change. This improved paradigm for innovation: one where communities are empowered to work more creatively together through healing relationships and new skills-- lifts the brilliance of challenged communities that often goes untapped and, frankly, is often disrespected. Their work is not about identifying exceptional individuals among us but activating what is exceptional in all us – a much more powerful force for change. 

As someone who has been working on behalf of Oaklanders for long time, we need processes like theirs that allow stakeholders to overcome conflict, bias, trauma, fear, and despair to co-create a better future.”

- City Councilwoman Lynette Gibson McElhaney 



Past Clients

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