Community Based Co-Creation

Addressing complex social issues at the root. When institutions work to address a social challenge, they can feel stuck in the immense complexity of the issue. Sometimes the greatest unknown is how to best serve their community. We work with these organizations to bridge that disconnect and partner actively with their community to co-create innovative, equitable solutions.


Community-Driven Solutions:  

We facilitate a design process for community leaders, community members, and subject-matter experts to build specific community-driven solutions or strategies.  We work closely with our clients to:

  • Build equitable relationships with key stakeholders
  • Conduct participatory research to understand the problem landscape

  • Facilitate workshops to build actionable design solutions/strategies in real time

  • Embed cultural norms and capacity for community co-creation within client organizations.

  • Support innovative solutions through testing and implementation, via coaching and strategic advising.


We equip organizations and individuals with the ability to conduct equitable co-creation on their own. Through short or long term trainings, we introduce our process, tools, and mindsets to build equitable partnerships with your community and implement a collaborative design process to address complex social challenges.



Organizational Capacity Building

Helping mission-driven organizations achieve greater collaboration and alignment to better serve their community. In a world of increasing complexity, an organization’s inflexible internal structure can hinder rather than foster innovation. We partner with organizations to catalyze their collective talent by introducing new methods that allow their people to thrive through greater collaboration, alignment, and clarity--especially when it comes to pursuing social equity. We’ll work together to create adaptive and collaborative processes to unlock the potential of your people and better serve your community.


Organizational Transformation:

We redesign teams for greater collaboration and capacity to meet their vision for social change. Our role includes:

  • Field research to understand the current culture and processes

  • Evaluate current processes from an equity lens

  • Facilitate the design process to collaborate around new programs or processes

  • Service design to build new avenues for community partnership

Team Alignment:

Facing a specific challenge in how your team is working to meet its mission?  We partner with teams to facilitate team-based solutions to their issue at hand whether it be for greater collaboration across silos or an innovative new program.




We make our tools available to individuals and groups engaged in processes of addressing emotional harm through creative empowerment and community.  Contact us to learn more about this emerging area of our work.




Case Studies

Learn more about what this looks like:

Case Study 1: Community Driven Co-Creation

Community Driven Solutions to Homelessness Encampments in Oakland District 3

Case Study 2: Organizational Capacity Building 

Aligning Organizational Capacities within the East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC)

Case Study 3: Healing

Healing Through Creativity and Fellowship at Empowering Woman of Color Conference